Frequently Ased Questions

General Public & Ticketing FAQ

1Where are you located? 

We are in the downtown core of Salmon Arm BC on the intersection of Hudson Ave and Lakeshore Dr NW. Nearby landmarks are the Salmar Theatre, Shuswap Theatre, Legion, and Boston Pizza. 

2Do you have parking?

There is plenty of nearby free parking for event attendees in the Salmar and Hudson city lots. There is also free street parking in the downtown core. 

The on-site parking lot behind the hall is reserved for staff, performers, presenters, volunteers. 

3How do I get tickets for shows?

Upcoming concerts and events are listed on our Events page with links to the ticket sellers. You can subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media for event announcements. We also recommend  following the Salmon Arm Folks Music Society (Roots & Blues Festival) and the Celebrate Shuswap Society as they are regular presenters at the hall. 

4Do you have a ticket waiting list?

As a venue, we don't have a centralized ticket service and ticketing is done by each event presenter. Please contact the presenter to inquire about their waiting list policy.

5I can't use my ticket anymore, where can I cancel or resell it?

Please contact the event presenter to inquire. You should be able to resell your ticket on social media. 

6Are you licenced?

Most, but not all events, are licenced with a selection of beer, wine, and cider in addition to water and soft drinks. Licencing info is listed for each event on our Events page.  

7Is your venue all ages?

Yes! The majority of events, including licenced ones, are all ages. Occasionally, events are 19+ only at the discretion of the presenter. Details are listed for each event on our Events page.  

Rental Info FAQ

1Where are you located? 

We are in the downtown core of Salmon Arm BC on the intersection of Hudson Ave and Lakeshore Dr NW. Nearby landmarks are the Salmar Theatre, Shuswap Theatre, Legion, and Boston Pizza. 


2What is the capacity of the hall?

We are allowed 235 humans in the building including all patrons, volunteers, staff, and performers. 

3What types of events may be booked?

While our hall was designed for public music concerts, it is a wonderful space for many types of events including dances, small theatre shows, comedy, fundraisers, galas, corporate events, meetings, workshops, AGMs, private events, celebrations of life, and weddings. 

4Can we arrange a tour of the hall?

Tours are by appointment only and conducted between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Special arrangements can be made outside these at the discretion of our admin staff. Please us our booking contact form to book your tour.

5How many people can be seated on the floor and balcony?

We can seat 200 patrons in the main hall with theatre-style seating. We can seat roughly 150 patrons in the hall at tables and roughly 120 at tables while keeping room for a dance floor. We can seat a max of 20 patrons on the balcony.

6How many washrooms do you have? 

There are three main floor washrooms including a non-gendered / handicap accessible washroom. There are two non-gendered washrooms on the second level. 


7What does renting the hall include?

Booking Song Sparrow Hall is a 12 hour rental period. The booking includes the main hall, a lobby with bar, a service kitchen, 200 banquet chairs, (10) eight-foot folding tables, (12) six-foot folding tables, (8) four-foot folding tables, 8 standing tables, a balcony with seating on padded stools for 20, and a basic A/V system. 

The lobby includes a service bar with a mini fridge, mini wine cooler, and a water jug cooler. 

The service kitchen includes a fridge, convection oven, double sink, microwave, and commercial dishwasher. There is a coffee grinder, a commercial coffee urn, and a selection of service trays, pitchers, serving utensils, and pots and pans Stemware, beer glasses, flatware, and tableware are available for rent. 

There is a small main-floor green room (adjacent to the kitchen) with a couch and mirror and a larger second floor green room area with a kitchen sink, mirrors, two non-gendered washrooms, mini fridge, coffee maker, kettle, iron, ironing board, clothes hanger, seating for 10, and a private changing room. 

8Do you have a sound system, lighting, and stage?

We have a custom sound installation that includes high-end Electro-Voice P/A speakers and subwoofers, 5 JBL stage monitor wedges with power amps, a 32 channel digital mixing console, a selection of studio-quality vocal and instrument microphones and DI boxes, and all necessary cabling to run a large concert. The full A/V package is available for a fee along with engagement with one of our sound technicians. 

We have a theatrical DMX lighting universe with 8 LED pars, 4 spots, and several special FX fixtures. We also have a custom LED lighting installation (designed by Limbic Media) in our ceiling grid with the ability to create a vast array of looks and moods for any event. Must be seen to be appreciated!

There is a basic A/V package included with the rental that includes a 12 channel mixer, the main P/A speakers, 2 vocal microphones, and DI box for laptop / phone input. 

The hall has a large corner stage 27” high and 16’ deep by 30’ wide at its widest points. A detailed stage plot is available. 

The hall features custom built acoustic treatment designed by one of the world’s leading acousticians.

9Do you have a projector?

We have a ceiling-mounted Epson 4k HD projector and a 150”' projection screen included with the rental. There are HDMI and laptop sound inputs at stage level. 


10Do you have dedicated parking?

There is an on-site parking lot behind the hall that may be used freely on the date of the event by the renter and its related parties, ie. staff members, board members, hired contractors, and/or performers. Event attendees may use the nearby Salmar and Hudson city lots and adjacent street parking, observing and adhering to all rules and signage. 


11Do you provide catering?

We do not have internal catering service. 

12Do you have bar service?

We do not currently offer internal bar service. There is a third party group that offers event liquor service as a fundraising initiative for charity, please inquire to our booking contact form for details. There are several liquor stores that provide event liquor service and you can of course stock and run your own bar. 

13Do we need a liquor licence? 

Renters will need a Special Event Permit under the BC Liquor Licencing laws. The cost is $100 for public events and $25 for private events (plus pre-paid taxes). 

14Do you have stemware/flatware/tableware?

We have (120) wine glasses, 80 beer glasses, (120) 5-piece flatware sets, and (120) large plates, side plates, and bowls available for an extra rental fee. Renters are otherwise encouraged to use compostable cups.  

15What do you ask of renters?

We operate as a hybrid venue between a concert hall and a community centre so renters should bring a spirit of DIY to their events. Renters should consider themselves promoters and venue managers for their event and are responsible for ticketing, promotion, setup (chairs and tables), greeting, ushering, emcee and stage management, catering, and cleaning. We have experienced sound technicians available for hire, can help arrange liquor service, and venue staff will be present during the event to assist with any issues. 

Renters will be provided with a Front of House information sheet for managing various aspects of the facility during their booking. 

16Who is responsible for cleaning?

Renters are responsible for general cleanliness and management of waste for the duration of their event and are responsible for post-event clean up including sweeping floors, wiping up major spills, putting away tables and chairs, washing used dishes, diverting garbage and recycling to the appropriate bins. We also ask that renters remove signage and decorations, any leftover food, empty beverage containers, and all other belongings at the end of the event. Incomplete or unsatisfactory cleaning or excess rubbish or debris left behind by a renter may result in an additional cleaning fee or forfeit of the damage deposit. 

Renters will be provided a post-event checklist that must be completed and returned to hall staff at the end of the event. 

17What is your cancellation policy?

Venue rental deposits and fees will be refunded in full with written notice of cancellation up to thirty (30) days prior to the event date. Weddings and public events require sixty (60) days written notice. After these dates deposits will be withheld. Full venue rental fees will be withheld for cancellations within a window of seven days prior to the event date. 

18Do we require liability insurance?

Yes, our insurance company requires that all renters carry event insurance with a minimum of $2 million in liability coverage.

19Do you have a hard closing time?

Yes, our hard close for the facility is 12am (midnight), please take this into account when planning your event. 

20Question not answered here?

Please inquire to our booking contact form